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CDL Traffic Tickets

CDL Traffic Tickets

Defend Your Commercial Driver’s License

Moving violations for the average driver usually mean increased insurance rates, costly tickets and even a temporary suspension of a driver’s license. But when you drive for a living, these traffic tickets could mean losing your commercial driver’s license (CDL) and your job.

At the law firm of The Madison County Traffic Law Attorneys, we understand you make your living on the road. We will fight aggressively to keep you there. We have helped numerous in-state and out-of-state drivers keep their commercial driver’s licenses by working to have citations reduced, dismissed or amended.

If you are in danger of losing your commercial driver’s license, do not pay a ticket or plead guilty to any moving violation.Contact The Madison County Traffic Law Attorneys online or call 877-808-7742 or toll free 618-307-4054 now to schedule a free consultation with a skilled CDL traffic tickets lawyer.

What Is Considered a Serious Traffic Violation?

Traffic tickets deemed minor to the average driver can have serious consequences for CDL operators. The most common violation is exceeding the posted speed limit by 15 miles per hour. Other examples of federal and state-defined serious traffic violations include following too closely, improper or erratic lane changes and reckless driving.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a CDL operator will have his or her license suspended for two serious traffic violations in any three-year period, with a minimum suspension of two months.

Driving While Intoxicated

If you are arrested for driving under the influence while in your personal vehicle, you can still lose your commercial driver’s license. Any additional DUI convictions can lead to permanent suspension of your CDL. Do not plead guilty or pay a fine without talking with us first.

Many clients do not know they can challenge a suspension of their driving privileges following a DUI/DWI arrest. Our staff will scrutinize field testing procedures, question the validity of the officer’s initial traffic stop to find a weakness in the prosecutor’s case against you. At The Madison County Traffic Law Attorneys firm, we understand that simply being arrested for drunk driving or another traffic violation does not indicate guilt; and that your life and livelihood depend on you keeping your commercial driver’s license.

Contact a Madison County Traffic Laws Attorney Today

Our staff is ready to help you defend your CDL from suspension. Contact a Madison County traffic violations attorney online or call 618-307-0323 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your charges. We accept credit card payments to make the process as easy as possible for you.