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Underage DUI

Edwardsville Underage DUI Defense

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Underage drivers who are caught drinking face tough penalties in Illinois. Under the state’s Zero Tolerance Law, individuals under 21 who are arrested for drinking and driving can be charged with underage DUI, regardless of the amount of alcohol in their system. In addition to criminal penalties, the individual’s driver’s license will also be suspended.

Have you or your underage child been arrested for DUI? Before you talk with the police, contact our Edwardsville underage DUI defense attorneys for a free consultation. We can help you understand your constitutional rights and options.

Representing First-Time Offenders And All Others

If convicted of underage DUI, the first offense carries a mandatory three-month suspension of driving privileges. For a second offense, the individual’s driver’s license will be suspended for one year.

Simply being arrested for underage DUI, however, does not make your child guilty. Madison County Traffic Law Attorneys, LLC, provides an aggressive defense against underage DUI/DWI charges in Madison County, in the Metro East and throughout the Illinois River Bend. We know how local prosecutors treat underage DUI cases, and we work diligently to have these charges reduced or dismissed.

Our attorneys often achieve success in underage DUI/DWI cases by contesting the validity of the law enforcement officer’s initial traffic stop. We also raise questions regarding the procedures administered during an arrest, and we scrutinize the results of Breathalyzer and field sobriety tests.

We understand the legal and factual issues involved in these matters, and we have secured not-guilty verdicts, dismissals of charges and reduced penalties for many of our clients.

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